Shopping In Glorious Heat

Etisen! Hello! It’s Monday and I have been out shopping in Accra in the glorious heat. Ok it wasn’t that hot, but walking around with a bag full of goods can really cause you to break out a good sweat. I’ve got to say I enjoyed it a lot, plus I was dressed comfortably in a lightweight cotton t-shirt and loose cotton skirt. Thus whatever sweat I had evaporated pretty quickly.

Ghana has some really great art and materials. I had a field day acquiring some carved wood masks and textile with the assistance of the soon-to-be Wafrique women’s clothing designer: Gloria. She took me to one of the distributors of Ghanaian textile, a lady by the name of Philomena, who had a wide array of colorful prints.

Philomena, Textile Distributor

Philomena, Ghana Textile Distributor

I think I was transfixed by the choices and the great color that was available. In any case I picked up some patterns and colors that had quite a bit of life and character. These textiles are made of a durable cotton and vibrant colors that handle machine wash pretty well. The upcoming Spring/Summer line at Wafrique will feature styles from Ghana in linen and cotton prints.

Ghanaian Designer

Up & Coming Ghanaian Designer: Gloria

A little about Gloria: I met Gloria through my friends here in Ghana. She is a young, talented lady who acquired her skills from working with various designers and dressmakers in Ghana and also in Nigeria. She is quite ambitious and is currently working out of her workshop in Accra. What’s interesting about Gloria is her altruistic nature and her admirable desire to help others whilst building her business. She currently has 2 apprentices under her care and plans on adding more to her team in order to achieve the goals she has set out; goals which are impressive and yet attainable for one who is focused and hungry to succeed. Wafrique is really looking forward to carrying her line of clothing. The following picture features her in one of her designs made of a cotton Ghanaian print and linen. A simple and classic feminine design that works for any occasion. We look forward to carrying her clothing line at the store in the Spring/Summer 2011.

Well, time for me to hit the sack. I am outdoors again and the mosquitoes are enjoying the warm blood from my skin. I’ll have more for you soon.

Bubye! (Good bye in Twi, a Ghanaian dialect)


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Owner of Wafrique Crafts LLC, a retail company that sells unique, dressy and fun clothing and accessories made in different regions of Africa.
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