Decked Out In DaViva Print (Pictures)

Last night was really fun and entertaining. The last time I had so much fun dancing was the New Year’s Eve Steppin’ party. The LESA Midwest ladies put on quite a show and really made it abundantly clear what their mission was as alumni of Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School in Bamenda, Cameroon. Congratulations to them on a job well done and continued successes in their projects for the school.

Wafrique Strapless DaViva Dress

Wafrique Strapless DaViva Dress

As I promised, here are the images of the dress and the jewelry that I wore to the event. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. The jewelry accentuated the print beautifully. We will be presenting more of these styles and outfits at our upcoming fashion show Step Into Africa. Check out the newsletter for more details and subscribe to it for future events and activities.

Wafrique Kenyan Jewelry

Wafrique Kenyan Jewelry

Wafrique DaViva Dress

Wafrique DaViva Dress 2


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Owner of Wafrique Crafts LLC, a retail company that sells unique, dressy and fun clothing and accessories made in different regions of Africa.
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