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Scrumptuous food, vibrant video images and a preview of Wafrique’s summer clothing line: this is what the excited and fun-loving attendees of the Step Into Africa event experienced on Thursday, February 24 at the Colby-Abbot building.

Tashelle in ATL textile

Tashelle in ATL textile

The event was led by the gorgeous and ever evolving Wafrique social media Guru Tashelle Gordon who was dressed in a Wafrique summer dress made with a vibrant green and brown Ghana GTP textile. This talented MC complemented the event by featuring her flavorful hibiscus juice (aka bissap in West Africa or sorrel in Jamaica) which was well received by the participants.

Immy’s African Cuisine provided a sampling of their signature lentil and meat samosas, East African peanut stew, chicken curry and rice. This was just a teaser from the many varied and rich dishes offered by the catering company. We really look forward to patronizing their future permanent location which will soon open in Milwaukee, WI.

African Beat featured a collection of vibrant music videos from Africa throughout the night; videos which are featured on the Time Warner Cable Wisconsin on Demand channel. Additional music for the fashion show was provided our very own DJ Joe from Congo.

Andreku of African Beat and Immy of Immy's African Cuisine

Andreku of African Beat and Immy of Immy's African Cuisine

We’d like to thank the beautiful and talented models from Marquette University, my alma mater, Vanessa Harris, Sarah Rosella, Fatoumata Diabate and Brent Adams for showcasing the Wafrique clothing so beautifully. We’d also like to thank Immaculate Kaggwa of Immy’s African Cuisine, Andreku Ishaq of African Beat, DJ Joe, Ruth, Suzanne, Tashelle, Jacqueline Ward and my mum, Christiana Attere who helped to organize and pull off the event. We also want to thank Ricky, my hubby, for taking beautiful pictures and for Mr. & Mrs Keating-Kahn for allowing us to use the retail spaces and for the additional pictures taken.

Last, but not least, we thank all the attendees, our friends and family who participated in the event. We hope you had a great time and look forward to having you at the next event.

Please give us your feedback on the event if you attended and let us know if you are interested in your own special bottle of hibiscus/sorrel/bissap juice.

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Owner of Wafrique Crafts LLC, a retail company that sells unique, dressy and fun clothing and accessories made in different regions of Africa.
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