African Development: Creativity and Secondary Production

If you have traveled to Africa recently or have been following the economic development of the continent, you will probably have noticed that in certain countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, there is slow but steady economic growth occurring. Part of this has been brought on by an increasing amount of skilled and Western-educated Africans returning to their home countries to build businesses and industries.

In the following video presented by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Ghana is one country in which citizens are seeking opportunities to participate in the development and direction of their country by seeking higher education and participating in secondary production processes to transform raw materials. Rather than just selling the raw materials to foreigners and in return expecting to purchase the imported processed and finished products, Ghanaians are creating new finished goods.

This video identifies the importance for African farmers, cultivators and investors to participate in secondary production processes so as to permit more individuals to earn a higher wage, provide more job opportunities and to process raw materials locally.

Wafrique seeks to encourage this secondary production through the sale of products such as shea butter soaps and moisturizers which are created by Healing Earth Bath and Body Corporation, a Ghanaian company based in Accra. This is a small organization that works with women of Northern Ghana to process skin products made from shea and other natural oils, and sells these items in hand crafted clay jars.

Additionally, Wafrique carries a line of hand crafted authentic leather handbags and wallets made in Kenya by African Lilly; a company that employs 8 Kenyans to design, cut and sew high quality long lasting leather products for men and women. All the raw materials used to make the bags originate from Kenya except for the zippers which are manufactured abroad. This company hopes to grow and employ more individuals as the demand for the high quality products increase.

Wafrique offers many more products that are created in such fashion permitting African designers and skilled artists to share their talent through the beautiful finished products they produce.

So as you purchase products from Wafrique, be proud to know that you are supporting creative hardworking people and encouraging them to participate in the enrichment of their lives and cultures as well as the economic development of their cities and countries. We, at Wafrique, greatly appreciate your continued support in helping to develop Africa.


About lnmcfarlane

Owner of Wafrique Crafts LLC, a retail company that sells unique, dressy and fun clothing and accessories made in different regions of Africa.
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