African Lilly – High Quality Leather

Mt. Kenya African Lilly Handbag

Mt. Kenya - African Lilly leather handbag

Looking for unique, high quality handcrafted leather bags and wallets? We’ve got the right brand for you: African Lilly. African Lilly is a small company based in Adams Arcade – Nairobi, Kenya, which employs approximately 8 Kenyans in their workshop to design, hand cut and sew unique leather handbags and wallets. The style and quality of the bags are reminiscent of Italian leather as the owners worked on leather in Italy and acquired their craft from there.

African Lilly bags are made of soft, supple Kenyan animal hide and come in various vibrant colors and sizes. Each bag and wallet carries an authentic bright red cotton cloth lining called Kikoy. This red Kikoy is characteristic and unique to the brand. The design details of each of the bags and wallets is made from bone, cow horn and/or glass beads. The bags are individually named after different regions, towns and areas of Kenya.

Purchase an African Lilly bag and add a unique, stylish and long lasting high quality product to your wardrobe that no-one else will have.

Karen - African Lilly messenger bag

Karen - African Lilly messenger bag


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