Mina Danielle Styles At Wafrique

Extra wide leg African print pant

These days it may be difficult to offer ones’ time to volunteer or help the less fortunate in our community, but sometimes we may be lucky to find work that allows us to do good while earning our living.  This is the case of our latest social entrepreneur designer, Linda Attakora, founder and creator of Mina Danielle Designs in Toronto, Canada. 

Ms. Attakora works closely in the health field in the Toronto area as well as Ghana and Kenya.  But her other passion is designing clothing with Africa in mind.  Her creative nature and desire to support Africa through fashion drives her to design  edgy, modern ready-to-wear styles that are sewn by young female  seamstresses in Ghana and Kenya.  The textiles she uses include Kente print of Ghana and the Khanga of Kenya as well as real Ghana wax fabric.

We are excited to carry her fresh feminine styles at Wafrique.  The styles we have selected from Mina Danielle cater to all types of women from the petite fashionista to the voluptuous trendsetter looking for bold print and pattern to add to their wardrobe this season.


About lnmcfarlane

Owner of Wafrique Crafts LLC, a retail company that sells unique, dressy and fun clothing and accessories made in different regions of Africa.
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